We provide Products, Services and Solutions in the area of Solar Thermal Renewable Energy and Sustainable HVAC. We are continually developing new solutions and applications to give the best value possible to our clients.

The use of Solar Thermal energy is the most efficient and cost effective form of Renewable Energy available today.

On-Line Shop opens selling poducts in Portugal - Aug '19

Using our partnership with our sister Company 'Central Admin' with their first office in Cascais, Portugal, it is possible to support our Clients in Portugal.
With our delivery of materials from the UK, for our installations, using Central Admin's Logistical services.

We have expanded this Logistical Service to once a week, to enable a quick free delivery to our On-Line Shop Clients

Shop Front

Initially we have the Components that are in Stock, for our 'NetGreen Heat' installations.
We are now planning to open partnerships with our existing suppliers and new opprtunities, to provide more flexibility and lower prices to our Clients.

Renewable energy Solutions need to be price competative against the fossil fuel conventional systems.

Managing and Engineering Director selected to participate in Horizontal Working Group: 100% RE Buildings - RHC platform - Jan '19

The objective of the RHC Platform is to define a strategy for 100% RE in existing and new individually heated and cooled buildings (residential and others) in Europe.
The suggested target is 70% RE by 2030 and 100% within 2050.

A vision for 2050, research and innovation priorities and a deployment and innovation strategy will be developed to reach these targets, including policy recommendations to help policy makers and politicians to set the right framework conditions, especially in terms of RTD and deployment support.

RHC Logo

Using our Knowledge and Experience in the Application of financially viable Residential sized Renewable Heating and Cooling Systems in Portugal, we are excited by the opportunity to contribute to this Platform of Experts pushing for the Usage of this Technology throughout Europe.

Home and Garden 2019 Awards - Dec'18

Netgreen Solar LTD was Nominated and Won two Awards for 2019: Best Building Sustainability Consultancy - UK and BUILD Distinction Award for Eco-Friendly HVAC Solutions

Home and Garden 2019 Awards

The news of the Awards were warmly appreciated of the Acknowledge of what we have accomplished so far...

Best Building Sustainability Consultancy - UK: Up to-date we have been Involved with a wide Range of Consultancy Sustainable HVAC Projects. From Residential scale Construction Projects, Designing and Project Managing Sustainable Construction Solutions concerning HVAC, Controls, Water and Energy; up to a City scale Project, Leading a Consultancy Design Team for the construction of Phase1 - City of Masdar (Abu Dhabi)

BUILD Distinction Award for Eco-Friendly HVAC Solution: Concerns our 10 year Development Programme to provide the 'NetGreen Heat' Solution. During this time we have gone through the different stages, from ProtoType, to using a variation of Designs in Installations, through to a Validation of the Systems installed. 2019 will be the year of Commercialising this Solution, but also continuing of Development programme to reduce Installation Costs and Improve Support using a 24/7 Monitoring Intelligent Controller.

Link to Awards...

Link to Recent Edition - 110,000 Circulation

Cascais Office planned opening 2019 - September'18

Our first office to open in Portugal, to support our Products, Services and Contractor Network.

Planned to have a fuly resourced office, with Marketing, Administration and IT personnel.

NetGreen Solar Office

We will be starting an in-house training course for experienced Plumber Contractors, who have experience with heating system installations.

More details once we have opened our doors...