Our Product line is based on providing Applications that use Solar Thermal heated water for Domestic hot water and Space Heating in buildings and Infrastructure to control them.

Solar Thermal systems

We have chosen to stock the most efficient Solar Collectors, Vacuum Heat Pipes, manufactured in China. Out Manufacturer has the 'Solar Keymark' which ensures fabrication quality and provide our clients to take advantage of the Subsidies offered by Government programmes.

Solar-Keymark-certificate NetGreen Solar

Copy of 'Solar Keymark' Certificate

We concentrate on large systems for applications such as hot water, heating, air-condition, dehumidifying and Energy services. Our 'Heat Pipe' systems can provide  hot water at a sufficiently high temperatures to drive this systems.

We provide a team to design the systems and source all the components. The Systems are all installed by qualified Contractors, project managed by ourselves. 

NetGreen Solar Heat Pipe solar collectors

Example of our Solar Collector

We have been focusing on the Market of Portugal, but with an aim of an involve with Partnerships within Community that makes up the EU. 

We are focused on providing solutions for the Domestic and Commercial building sectors.

Solar Heat

Our initial Solution uses the principle of storing heat with a PCM material. The heat generated by the solar collectors during the day circulates through the Under-floor heating system's PCM thermal storage. The PCM inside the under-floor panels uses Latent heat, from the PCM phase change (passing from solid to liquid), to store the heat for the night time period.

Floor PCM thermal storage heating

Several systems have already been installed but our stock is limited for six more domestic house projects. The original Australian manufacture has since been purchased by another company, which now concentrates on PCM solutions for the Telecommunication Industry. 

Information this systems can be found using the link.

PCM Thermal storage

PCM floor panel installation

 We are presently selecting another thermal storage system, to replace the PCM component. The conclusions of IEA Task 32 has indicated high performance characteristics for Sorption thermal storage, which provides the ability of providing solutions for heating and cooling.

NetGreen Heat

We are presently marketing this Solution, that provides a heating solution by integrating Solar thermal energy with an Air/water Heat Pump.

This Product uses Fan coil units to circulate heated air into the individual rooms, providing a highly responsive method of heating. For larger rooms which are communal areas, such as corridors, lounge, kitchen etc, can also use under floor radiant heating.

The heating system uses whatever Solar Energy is available during a day cycle, with the Heat Pump providing additional heating capacity during the evening and overcast days. This technology is not limited to southern Europe but can be effectively used in the northern European countries, even with uncertain periods of sunshine.

NetGreen Heat schematic

Schematic of the NetGreen Heat

The excess solar energy during the summer period can be used for swimming pool heating. The NetGreen Heat system can be enlarged to include additional solar capacity to provide cooling to the house, using an Adsorption Chiller. If this system is installed in a new build project the additional cost is minimal, compared to a conventional system, but the financial savings are huge.

wall fan coil.png (319184 bytes)

Schematic of the Ideal House

Traditional central heating systems used in northern Europe have copied in southern European houses. Due to houses in southern Europe being built using 'heavy mass' characteristics, central heating systems can be a costly mistake, at over 500 per month to run. Our Presentation

Network system

We believe that Renewable Energy solutions should be combined with IP applications, as effective control reduces the consumption of energy.

We are developing an Embedded IP control application, which aims to provide intelligent control related to weather forecasting, occupancy patterns and self regulating performance, with the option of remote control.

As a building should have the possibility of using IP applications, this should be provided by the use of a wired network, in conjunction with a wireless network.

abitana cabinet NetGreen control

 Abitana Terminal cabinet

We offer the flexible wired network solution that allows each wired outlet, either a Telephone, TV, HiFi and Internet data socket to be interchangeable.

Each type of socket being interchangeable allows furniture and room design to be flexible. A good example is the traditional TV socket, as the TV cannot be moved far away from the socket the flexibility of the furniture to provide viewing of the TV is usually very fixed.

The Abitana system allows the same cable to provide TV, Telephone, Multimedia and Data. 

NetGreen Abitana Installer certificate

Our Installers Certificate

We will be developing additional IP applications to be used by the SOHO network