We are constantly developing our Products to provide additional value to potential End Users of our technologies.

Embedded Control System

We have been working on a low cost Embedded Intelligent controller for our systems for some years. Different Solutions from Embedded Control Boards to Open Source Arduino/Raspberry Pi Solutions have been experimented on. During 2018 we decided on an Open-Source Hardware Solution, which we are presently re-programming the Code and generating Algorithums to Control NetGreen Heat. The initial Controller installation is planned for during the middle of 2019.

An important Requirement for NetGreen Solar, will be to Support/Monitor our systems 24/7. Therefore the Controller would automatically generate an emailed Alarm to our Technical Support, if the Installation has Performance Issues..

All the historical data collected from the system will provide graphical information to the occupant via a Browser, plus the ability of changing the set-points remotely.

The Hardware we are using.

Embedded technology we feel fits well with our vision for a networked building, and the applications that are available from this. NetGreen Solar is working with the team from Net Green Developments Lda to make our controller a bolt-on application of an overall IP solution. more>

UK Market - Product in development

We have a potential Solution in development for the UK market which will use knowledge we gain from our usage of Heat Pumps in conjunction with Solar thermal energy. The basis of the development is focused on the direct relationship between efficiency of the Heat Pump (COP) and the temperature of the source (In heating mode - source being the Evaporator).

In development - Solar assisted Heat Pump

Low energy hot water heating from a Heat Pump is possible when you combine waste heat recovery from a building (Ventilation for example), potential solar thermal energy storage, renewable electrical energy (from PV or small wind turbine for example) and intelligent controls.