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Historical News during NetGreen Solar's Evolvement, also information on the Technology we are Involved with.

Validation Stage of our System - Dec'17

In the Final stage of Hardware Development - The Embedded Intelligent Controller - The free added service to support and empower our Technology "NetGreen Heat". Now progressing to Editing the Controller Software and Algorithum Development.
Five systems to be validated - One Hotel and four domestic houses, In the Cascais region, Portugal - Two designs being assessed. The validation stage is planned to be completed by the end of 2017, assessing the durability of the components and efficiency of the total system design.

Preferred NetGreen Heat System

Publish Monitoring data.

Using browser applications we plan to use our Embedded Intelligent Controller to demonstrate the advantages of using Low Temperature water to typical buildings in Portugal. To be published on our Marketing web site www.aguaquentesolar.pt.

All the interest from downloads of information, will also be responded to, concerning our future Commercialisation during 2018.

keep an eye on our website - shop opening... www.aguaquentesolar.pt

New promotional Web Site - Jan'15

To support our market development in Portugal, based on using solar energy to reduce costs for domestic houses and accommodation buildings. We have created a website aimed at getting specific messages to promote the use of our innovative Solutions.


From using specific examples of potential solutions, based on historical data and past installations, we are aiming to disseminate enough knowledge to potential users of the technology, to fully understand the potential for using solar thermal energy and save money at the same time.

Including the financing instruments we can provide, our clients are not required to invest any money to reduce their costs, in some instances to 50%.
IN PORTUGUESE - www.aguaquentesolar.pt

Hotel programme, Portugal- Aug'13

When the solar energy system is designed with an air/water heat pump, a low cost solution is possible to provide DHW, Space Heating and with Swimming Pool heating during Summer, whatever the weather conditions.
Combine this solution with an innovative intelligent, interactive control strategy, working in conjunction with thermal storage and building occupancy, very low running costs are possible.
Every hotel we visit is provided with a concept design, demonstrating the cost and savings, for an individual solution that suits the hotel usage and occupation annual cycles. With one condition….the financial payback on the Investment is less than 4 years.

NetGreen Solar Installation - Sao Saturnino

First Hotel Installation starts in July with Convento São Saturnino
A unique small hotel remodelled on the foundation of a 12th century monastery, located in Azoia, Cascais, Portugal. One of the problems was the cost of heating of all the buildings that provides the individual character. The heavy mass walls provide the ideal application of using low temperature hot water, generated by solar and heat pump systems. The hotel will also gain from all year supply of solar heated domestic hot water and free Swimming Pool heating during the summer months.

Our Chosen Market-Portugal - Dec'12

Even though we are based in the UK we see our future expansion being in southern Europe, primarily because the changing weather patterns making a Solution based on only solar thermal energy an uncertain financial proposition, with long paybacks periods

NetGreen Solar in Portugal

This is an exciting time for us as we have developed several Solutions, over the last five years, which we are now starting to offer to potential clients.
During this time we have been working closely with our development partner in Portugal.
This market offers us opportunities due the number of hours of sunshine and the number of buildings without Solar Thermal collectors. The high cost of certain types of conventional energy, such as Propane and Electricity, allows us to offer solutions to reduce costs.

Fully Stocked - Jan'09

Our first container of stock arrives at our warehouse. We now have sufficient materials to finish our 'Solar Heat' Installations, commence with our first 'Enviro Heat' installation, and look for opportunities of providing small and large applications of using Solar heated hot water.

Solar Stock - Heat Pipes

The 40ft container contained materials from four of our suppliers - Solar Collectors, Air to Water Heat Pumps, Hot Water cylinders, Fan coil units and accessories.

Installation costs reduced - April'09

Previously our Solar collector installations had copper pipe work to withstand the high temperatures. Copper is an expansive material, with the pipe fitting labour costs it can add up to 20% of total installation cost. We have found a manufacturer that can provide us with a continuous, flexible, stainless steel tube alternative.

flexible steel tube.jpg (25947 bytes)

Providing us with installations with less risk of leakage and a large reduction in cost to our clients.

Solar Keymark quality - May'09

Our Solar Collector manufacturer has gained the 'Solar Keymark' quality certification.

Solar Keymark certificate -NetGreen Solar Stock

Our clients can be assured of a quality collector and also take advantage of any Government subsidies. more>

Solar assisted Heat Pump Installation commissioned - March'10

This protype uses the combination of solar thermal energy of 12 m² of Heat Pipe/Vacuum tubes, with the backup of an air/water heat pump, to provide house space heating (during Winter, Spring and Autumn seasons), hot water (100%, all year) and swimming pool heating (during Summer season).

solar installation

The system was designed by Net Green Solar Ltd and installed by Net Green Developments Lda, in a private house in Galamares, Sintra, Portugal.

Technology Background Links

Source of information about climate change - Intergovernmental Panel

NASA Surface meteorology and Solar Energy - Solar Energy data 

Solar Heating and Cooling Programme - What is being done


Technologies Involved with

Liquid Desiccant for dehumidification

Phase Change Materials

Solar Combi Systems



Companies Involved with

PCM Energy Ltd  -PCM Manufacturer

L-DCS - Liquid Desiccant Systems


Institutions Involved with

Horizontal Working Group: 100% RE Individually Heated & Cooled Buildings - RHC platform. - Research priorities and to develop projects co-funded by the European Union